This is how you experience the descent of “Los Lagartos” on a first person mountain bike.

A descent route recorded on video by the beautiful Natural Park of “Los Cerros” in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), between pine groves and clay soil. Snaking, boxed between ravines with peraltadas curves. An enjoyment for the senses and for the body. Adrenaline and fun in equal parts.

The descent of “Los Lagartos” by mountain bike is a classic in the surroundings of Madrid, a kind of amusement park for bikers.

Tour in the “Los Cerros” area

Clear day, no rain, and although cool at dawn, as the day progresses the sun will warm pleasantly. Three friends from the university, Pablo Moraleda, Jorge Prendes and a server stay in this place to have a feast of cardiovascular exercise, fun and in contact with nature.

This natural park has several possible alternatives, all fun and with different degrees of technical and physical complexity. We chose as a climb to border the area of Las Crestas, in order to end up descending the sinuous path with peraltadas curves, known as “Los Lagartos”, a delight similar to descending a ski slope marking the curves behind a companion.

Rhythm and pulsations of the start

In about 1 hour and 30 minutes we finish the route, which has run at a quiet rate of ascent, and fluid descent in speed. At a heart rate of 120 beats per minute on average (68% of my maximum heart rate) and 164 beats per minute on maximum (93% of my maximum heart rate), with an energy expenditure of 1415 kilo calories (of which 34% came from fat), according to the Polar V800.

We do not carry hydration rucksack since in short routes with a can of water is enough.

Video of the route and descent (duration two minutes)