Is there a bike for every lifestyle?

The popularity of bicycles is becoming more and more evident and, frankly, it is not a surprise. Thus, more people are enjoying its many advantages as a means of transport, including savings in fuel and public transport, as well as the fact that they do not pollute.

But buying a bike that fits your lifestyle could, in many cases, be a more complicated task than it should be. Today you can find them of all kinds. They can vary in size, weight, number of speeds and types of components. However, it is not necessary to complicate your existence, here we will talk about the four most common types of bicycles and how they can adapt to you.

Urban bikes

Ideal for: transporting you through the city without too much complication.

They are made for the city. They are not very fast and, in most cases, do not have cushioning or speeds. The most famous urban bicycles are the fixes. The main characteristic of these is that they have a fixed pinion and, therefore, only one speed, which makes them the ideal transport in cities with few slopes. Thanks to their very simple operation, these bicycles do not require as much maintenance and do not attract much attention.

Electric bicycles

Ideal for: moving around the city without getting tired.

Electric bicycles are designed to move around the city with ease. They are very useful if you sweat too much and don’t have a shower in the office. Most electric bicycles have two modes of operation: one that assists the pedaling, making the task much easier, and another that replaces it 100%. The autonomy of these will depend on speed, weight and slopes, however, many of them claim to be able to travel up to 80 km with a single load.

Folding bikes

For: go through the city and transport it everywhere.

If to move around the city you need to combine other means of transport, such as the Transmillenium, this is the best option. Its size and weight are reduced, so it is also possible to enter your office with it, avoiding the risk of leaving it on the street. One thing you should consider before deciding on a folding bicycle is that almost all of them are designed to be used on paved roads and, although they are not very fast, they do have speeds that will be useful in case you want to use it on slopes.

Mountain bikes

Ideal for: transporting you through all types of terrain.

This type of bicycle is designed to roll on dirt roads, slopes and mountain roads. They have good damping, several speeds, disc brakes and in general more complex components, which also raise the price. Thanks to the fact that they are extremely resistant, mountain bikes have become very popular and are even the favorites to ride in the city; however, before this you have to make some modifications in tires and group to have a more efficient driving.

Choose the one that best suits your lifestyle

Before choosing a bike, consider what you need it for. Once you’ve determined the type of bike that’s right for your lifestyle, consider the height of the seat and handlebars to avoid injury and make it easier for you to use.

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