tikkun olam

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Near the end of our second to last climb of the day, a motorist passed me, applauding as they safely drove by. I cannot tell you how much that small gesture meant as I sweated my way to the top of that hill. In one sense that is a microcosm of our Tour; we are engaged in an effort of  human action to focus attention on a quickly growing human rights violation in our communities and around the world.

We screened The Trafficked Life in a deconsecrated synagogue last month and that was a perfect opportunity to make the connection between the Tour and the concept of ‘tikkun olam.’ We and our allies and supporters and friends and sponsors are engaged in an act of ‘repairing the world’ together. The groups who will be funded by the Tour are doing fantastic work, there is greater collaboration in the San Joaquin Valley and hopefully by the end of this ride, increased awareness.

I often use the word humbled when I describe how I feel about our efforts and my role and work on the team. We have the freedom to do this, taking in to account our families and work; but we are riding for those who do not have this freedom. We are riding for those who may not even know that they are victims. We are riding for those at risk and for those who are being taken advantage of right this minute, in your community.

Stand up for what is right. Join us in some tangible way in the next week and a half. Donate, join an organization in your community, screen our film, talk with someone over coffee. Join us in repairing this world that is need of our love, attention and commitment.