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Without Permission

Without Permission exists to respond to the sex trafficking battle as a leading collaborative partner in bringing education to all aspects of the Central Valley and to serve the justice system agencies, educators, medical and other service providers as they work to identify and/or rescue sex trafficking victims. Our efforts are committed to train, equip and network the justice system partners with the goals of victim rescue and predator justice. We emphasize prevention by bringing awareness to the issue and mobilizing communities to eliminate the source of future victims from sex trafficking, and protection, by developing a safety response model and restoration resources for rescued victims of sex trafficking. The founding premise of Without Permission will allow this strategic response to be replicated effectively across other communities.

“As a Detective, I have found Without Permission (WP) to not only be an asset in Human Trafficking cases, but a necessity. On many occasions I have called WP, even at odd hours, and have had one of the Certified Navigators respond. If I did not have WP to be with the victim, keeping them company, giving them a place to stay, helping them get through the criminal justice system, these cases would never make it to trial. This allows me, or another investigating officer to concentrate on the investigation because we know the victim is in good hands. I consider WP one of my partners and would absolutely not be successful without them.”
-Detective Steven Anderson, Modesto Police Department – Special Victims Unit

“ Without Permission fights to prevent human trafficking and then works to reunify women with their families. If not for Without Permission’s hard work and dedication many crime victims would be left without an advocate and law enforcement would be ill-prepared to deal with the issue of human trafficking.”
-Mike Harden, Police Chief,(Ret.) Modesto Police Department

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