Niko Morrow

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I am the vice president of Magdaene Hope. We are a non-profit organization that not only helps rescue victims of human trafficking, but also has a safe house where they can go from victims to victors. We are working on the front lines, trying our best to bring awareness and do our part to stop this horrendous crime against humanity. Thank you for partnering with us, and doing your part.

Has Raised: $35.00

Supports: Magdalene Hope Inc

Riding the following legs:

Leg 1
Oct. 2
46.2 miles
Taft to Bakersfield
Leg 2
Oct. 3
72 miles
Bakersfield to Kernville
Leg 3
Oct. 5
62 miles
Kernville to Ridgecrest
Leg 4
Oct. 6
62 miles
Ridgecrest to Kernville
Leg 5/6
Oct. 7, 8
87 miles
Kernville to Tulare
Leg 7
Oct. 9
29 miles
Tulare to Visalia to Hanford 28.5 miles

Riding a total of: 358.2 miles

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Funds go directly to Magdalene Hope Inc