lessons from the road #5

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As usual, it is the little things in life that bring contrast and illumination to the lager picture.

Today was filled with many marvelous vignettes that highlighted why riding bicycles up and down the valley is a good way to raise awareness about human trafficking.

The first were two young men who joined us in riding on behalf of the United Way Merced. They were having fun and fitting right in with the team before we even left the UC Merced campus parking lot. Their gift of company and accepting our road hospitality left all of sad to see the other leave when they turned back for Merced.

12115867_10207940457207942_2504068833459486769_nA lovely gesture from a hair salon next door to the church in Atwater found ‘Lars’ getting a complimentary haircut because the women in the business wanted to to do something to help. How often does that happen in life? People find out what you are doing and they want to pitch in? Happens multiple times every day on the Tour.

On the infrequent times we stay in a hotel, there is time for conversation and sharing of our mission and goals. Today, and energetic employee told us about a place to show The Trafficked Life and wanted to get the Tour web site address.

Today a journalist asked a good question about our work and the Tour. One of the things we are learning about are our strengths and weaknesses as a team. We are learning to care for folks who are having a hard day, we find that happy medium between fast and getting places safely and together. We are learning how to pull together to be efficient and steal as much speed from the wind as we can. Most importantly we are sharing fellowship with each other and our guests on the road.

If you were to tell me that the way to change the world was one conversation at a time, I might have looked at you skeptically. Today I would nod my head in agreement, smile and nod my head, and tell you of all of my conversations on the Tour. Starting from when we screened the film in 17+ locations to the conversation I just had in the lobby.

Change comes slowly. However, if enough of us work together, raise awareness and cooperate, pool resources and stay focused; the sky is the limit. Come join us, get the word out, share information, like pictures on Facebook, give and most importantly, have a conversation with someone.

Changes and progress very rarely are gifts from above. They come out of struggles from below.
– Noam Chomsky