humbled and thank you

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Ki a wehi ki te Atua
Te timatanga o te matauranga
Maungarongo ki te whenua
Aroha nui ki te tangata

Literal translation:
Fear (Respect) God
The beginning of knowledge
Peace on earth
And good will to all people


With these words Bishop David wrapped up the Tour ‘stop’ in Visalia at the 210 Cafe.

IMG_9699 With two great events back to back, Taft on Friday and Visalia on Monday, there is momentum building for the actual Tour in October. We have 31 riders signed up so far and we are closing in on raising $5,000 already but those are just numbers. The real measure of this Tour will be in lives that are changed, communities that start coming together, people of faith and principle who stand up for the rights of others, in cooperating across groups, organizations, counties and up and down the valley; in that regard, the Tour has accomplished much already.

There is still much to do. We still need to recruit more riders, we need more volunteers to sign up, we have ‘objects of personal value‘ for sale that not only help promote the Tour but also raise money to work to end Human Trafficking in our state. And that is just this week.

I am constantly humbled by how a small documentary, filmed in Bakersfield, is slowly growing into something most amazing as more people bring their energy, their vision and their passion to this subject. As far as we know, we are the first hikoi (A Maori word for a walk or movement with a purpose, generally meaning a protest march or parade, usually implying a long journey taking days or weeks.) to raise awareness about Human Trafficking.

There is a long journey ahead, not only with the Tour; working together to recognize the humanity of our neighbors in need. There is a long journey ahead; working together we can make a difference. There is a long journey ahead; with your strength, encouragement and prayers we will be able to complete our ride.

‘You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.’
William Wilberforce